• Getting Clear on Brand Clarity

    Are you clear on your company, organization or personal brand?  Brand clarity is critical to growth, efficiency and budgeting.
  • Finding Brand Clarity

    Life can get so busy, with a million distractions every day.  These constant distractions can easily lead to a lack of clarity in our life, business and even relationships.

    Each time I engage with a new client, my primary objective, despite their business or industry, solopreneur, author, minister or executive, is to help them find brand clarity.

  • Imposter Syndrome Anyone?

    In case you are unsure of the definition of imposter syndrome, it is: the idea that you’ve only succeeded due to luck, and not because of your talent or qualifications; that you are unqualified to do the tasks or job at hand. 

    Below are 3 ways to deal with imposter syndrome: